Ilex guayusa trees are native to Ecuador.

Our guayusa tea is grown in the shade of a wide variety of trees and plants, including native hardwoods – this supports:

1. Soil conservation and reduces soil erosion.

2. Native hardwood trees and a range of plants grown in the chacras (forest gardens)

3. Greater biodiversity of plants and animals.

Freddie’s guayusa tea leaves are grown and harvested under the shade of other native trees and plants in Ecuador.

Freddie’s teas also financially supports amzonwatch.org which specialises in supporting indigenous people and protecting the Amazon rainforest.

Why is the Amazon rainforest so important?

The Amazon rainforest is an area of huge natural beauty and biodiversity. It is not only the lungs of the earth, acting as a huge carbon sink but it also has a huge range of prescribed and alternative medicinal plants that help to fight cancer. People really have only explored the Amazon very little and there is still much to learn from it, including a lot which would benefit mankind. It would be a great shame to lose a huge number of species through destruction of the Amazon, especially as it is really is preventable through the actions of good people.